Datamaxx Awarded Contract from OPM to Improve Federal Background Check Investigations


Published on 01/06/2015  by Jessie Watson

Tallahassee, FL – (January 6, 2015) The United States Office of Personnel Management, Federal Investigative Services (OPM-FIS) recently awarded Datamaxx Group, Inc. (Datamaxx) a contract to implement and customize a new solution to automate and enhance background investigations. The project, with a multi-million-dollar total contract value, will encompass replacing the current manual process with a new Automated Records Check system to batch process and automate queries to the International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets) for OPM-FIS criminal history record searches.

The new solution will streamline background investigations for national security clearances and improve agency efficiency. “We are very pleased to be able to leverage our considerable experience in criminal justice information sharing to lead this effort to improve OPM-FIS background investigations,” commented Kay Stephenson, Datamaxx CEO and Co-Founder. “As the first strategic partner of Nlets and more than 20 years of focused marketplace experience, paired with the in-depth knowledge of OPM processes by Datamaxx, we feel we were the logical choice for the contract award.” The new OPM-FIS production system environment will be on premise while the disaster recovery, testing, development, and training environments will be hosted out of the Datamaxx Secure Cloud. The Datamaxx Secure Cloud meets strict FBI CJIS Security requirements and has been audited by Nlets.

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