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Company Overview

Datamaxx Group, headquartered in Tallahassee, Fla., is the premier provider of advanced communications, data access, information sharing, enterprise intelligence, and access control solutions to the law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, and security industries. Datamaxx is a privately held, Florida-certified and woman-owned enterprise serving over 70 percent of the law enforcement communications market with more than 750,000 end users in North America, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico. Datamaxx customers consist of security companies along with local, state and federal agencies including the Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, City of Miami Police Department, New York City Police Department, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Department of State, and U. S. Office of Personnel Management. Since its inception in 1991, Datamaxx has earned a reputation as domain experts and built a well-known brand name in its markets.

Datamaxx has formulated strategic partnerships to offer secure access to every state, local and federal law enforcement, justice and public safety agency. Being the first company to become a Strategic Partner of the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (“Nlets”--the International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network), Datamaxx has the unique ability to utilize the Nlets network to provide access to critical information. Datamaxx was the first company in the United States audited by the FBI to host Criminal Justice Information System data (CJIS) for its customers.

Datamaxx has been recognized by law enforcement agencies throughout the country for its leading-edge technology solutions that truly make a difference, including awards given by such esteemed organizations as the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the New York City Police Department (NYPD). The barometer of success in providing superior products, service, and support is demonstrated through the Datamaxx customer retention record – one of the best in the industry. Datamaxx customers speak to its success, with the following as an example of how customers view Datamaxx technologies and services:

“The Datamaxx global switch and platform utilized by all embassies located throughout the world provides mission-critical services to help us protect our homeland. DOS needed a vendor and a system that was both reliable and sound - and Datamaxx fit the bill. In addition, DOS saves hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing the Software as a Service within the Datamaxx Network Operations Center. We value our relationship with Datamaxx and look forward to many years of continued service.”

— Tim Longanacre
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Services
U.S. Department of State


Kay Stephenson

Kay Stephenson has nearly 30 years of experience in the criminal justice information sharing industry. She is Co-founder, President and CEO of Datamaxx Group, Inc. (Datamaxx), headquartered in Tallahassee, Fla., one of the largest providers of advanced communications, data access, information sharing, enterprise intelligence, and access control solutions to the law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, and security industries. With more than 750,000 end users worldwide, Datamaxx provides technology solutions to more than 70 percent of the criminal justice information market with such distinguished customers as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New York City Police Department, and the U.S. Department of State.

Under Kay Stephenson’s leadership, Datamaxx formulated industry-first strategic partnerships, including the first company to become a Strategic Partner Organization of Nlets (The International Justice & Public Safety Network). Datamaxx has the unique ability to utilize the Nlets network infrastructure to provide secure critical information access to every local, state, and federal law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety agency. The Datamaxx Secure Cloud™ boasts a number of local, state, and federal customers. It became the first Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-compliant private cloud in 2003, and is now used nationally by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and supports a world-wide deployment for the U.S. Department of State, providing every U.S. Embassy access to CJIS data.

Kay Stephenson and Datamaxx have been recognized with a number of awards including the Florida Governor’s Business Leadership Award, New York City Wireless Project of the Year, Women of Distinction Award in Technology, Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Florida International Magazine Power Players of Florida, IACP Excellence in Technology, and as one of the Top 50 Women-Led Businesses in Florida every year since 2009.

Kay currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees of the Florida State University Research Foundation, and Advisory Board to the Florida State University Computer Science Department. She is an active member of Women in Homeland Security and InfraGard, two critical programs that support and further the protection of the nation’s infrastructures and national security. Kay served for eight years on the Board of Directors of the Tallahassee-Leon County Council on Culture & Arts, including serving as Chair. She also served a full term on the United Way of the Big Bend Board and the Tallahassee-Leon County Economic Development Council.

Company History

1991Datamaxx Applied Technologies, Inc., formed as a Florida-certified, woman-owned business
1995First company to transmit images between state law enforcement agencies
1999Deployed first wireless handheld application to New York City Police Department
2001Implemented first Law Enforcement Communications Cloud to support satellite communications for law enforcement agencies
2001Moved to 32,500 sq/ft state-of-the-art facility including Secured Network Operations Center
2003Datamaxx Secure Cloud becomes first CJIS-compliant cloud
2003Signed first-of-its kind Strategic Partner Agreement with International Justice and Public Safety System (Nlets)
2003New York City Police Department awards contract for enterprise mobile fleet, Omnixx Force® mobility suite
2003U.S. Department of Homeland Security awards multi-year contract for Tactical Information Sharing solution in the Datamaxx Secure Cloud
2004Texas Department of Public Safety awards statewide CJIS contract, 60,000+ users, for Omnixx Enterprise® Edition
2006First and only private entity to successfully complete FBI CJIS Technical Security Audit for Datamaxx Secure Cloud
2008Datamaxx awarded contracts with Judiciary of Guam, Montana Department of Justice and Iowa Judicial Branch
2008U.S. Department of State selects Datamaxx Secure Cloud to supply CJIS data worldwide
2009U.S. Office of Personnel Management Nationwide CJIS access via Datamaxx Secure Cloud
2009New York City Police Department awards contract to Datamaxx for replacement of its message switch with Omnixx Enterprise Platform
2010Washington State Police award Datamaxx statewide contract for Omnixx Enterprise Message Switch and Omnixx CJIS workstations
2012Datamaxx deploys new Android-based e-citation application, IntelliTICKET™, in Puerto Rico
2013Nebraska State Patrol deploys Omnixx Enterprise Platform for state message switch and Omnixx CJIS workstations statewide


2002Florida Governor’s Business Leadership Award
2002Tallahassee Technology Business of the Year
2005, 2006NYC Wireless Project of the Year
2007Women of Distinction Award in Technology
2007Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
2008“Power Players of Florida” Fla. Intl. Magazine
2008IACP Excellence in Technology Award
2007-2013Top 50 Women-Led Businesses in Florida


People are the driving force behind the success of Datamaxx Group. Datamaxx, a recognized leader in Florida's technology industry, was awarded the Chamber of Commerce Technology Company of the Year and the Governor's Business Leadership Award. Join Datamaxx, and be part of the top technology company in Florida's Capital City.

General Employment Information:

  • Datamaxx Group is an equal opportunity employer.
  • All employees (regular, part-time or contract) are required to submit to and successfully pass an extensive criminal history background check before an offer of employment will be made.
  • All employees are required to execute a Non-Disclosure agreement with Datamaxx.
  • All employees are required to execute a Non-Compete agreement with Datamaxx.
  • All employees must be willing to submit to and pass a drug test prior to and as a pre-condition of employment.

Datamaxx Internship Program

Want to work on projects that make a difference? Are you looking for an internship where you can work side-by-side with experts in your area of interest? Want a position where you are learning by actually doing? Then the Datamaxx Internship Program may be for you!

The Datamaxx Internship Program teaches real-world software engineering, information technology, cybersecurity, cloud computing, product management, and other business disciplines. Datamaxx interns are compensated and play integral roles in the Datamaxx team by contributing to the entire lifecycle of our solutions, from design to coding to marketing. This type of “hands-on” experience give our interns a distinct advantage over other graduates. Many Datamaxx interns become full-time Datamaxx employees and are highly recruited to companies such as Google, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, and Accenture, just to name a few.

Internship opportunities include positions in the following areas:

  • Engineers & Developers
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Analysts
  • Mobile Developers
  • Web/Mobile App Developers
  • Product Management
  • UI Design
  • Marketing Communications
  • Applications Specialists
  • Application Deployment
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • Cloud Architects
  • Solution Architects
If you are interested in the Datamaxx Internship Program, please e-mail your résumé along with your area of interest to jobs@datamaxx.com.

Contact Information

Datamaxx Group, Inc.

2001 Drayton Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32311

Phone: (850) 558-8000
Fax: (850) 558-8001
Toll Free: (800) 999-CRIME (2746)

Technical Support
Phone: (877) 369-8324
Email: support@datamaxx.com

Phone: (800) 999-2746
Email: sales@datamaxx.com

Phone: (800) 999-2746
Email: marketing@datamaxx.com

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Email: training@datamaxx.com

Phone: (800) 999-2746
Email: jobs@datamaxx.com

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